Nails technology
There is nothing makes a man suspect much, more than to know little.

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Practice Nails Test 3

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  • 01During a pedicure procedure, the feet are soaked
  • 02Monique's acrylic nails are curing. This means that they are
  • 03The following four clients have entered your nail salon. Kim, in for a manicure, has white spots on her nail plate. Dick's feet have ringworm, and he would like a pedicure today. Mary has bitten, deformed nails and would like nail tips applied to her natural nails. Peter's nails severely curve over his nail tip/free edge, and he has an appointment for a manicure.

    The nail technician should refuse to perform a nail service on
  • 04In the matrix are found blood vessels and
  • 05Brenda's local beauty supply distributor has given her a Material Data Safety Sheet for the product she uses. This sheet provides information for the product's
  • 06Charlotte has a light-cured gel system in her salon. Two light sources for these gels are
  • 07The technical term for the nail is
  • 08The ulna is the large bone on the little finger side of the

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