Nails technology
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Practice Nails Test 3

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  • 01The nevus on Vern's nail was probably caused by:
  • 02During a pedicure procedure, the feet are soaked
  • 03The finished acrylic nail on Laura is a/an
  • 04The nail technician should file Tony's fingernails
  • 05It is important to sanitized a client's nails before applying acrylic nails because the antiseptic will
  • 06Monique's acrylic nails are curing. This means that they are
  • 07Ginny's nails will grow faster
  • 08Kay has a nail problem that was caused when moisture got trapped between her unsariitized natural nails and her artificial nails. This condition was a yellow-green color that has now turned black.

    Kay's nail problem is known as

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