Nails technology
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Nails test, Nails 900 Exams Manicurist Examination Videos


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  • 01To avoid smearing polish, the top coat should be following by:
  • 02Most pedicure services are performed by starting with:
  • 03Between each service, your table should be arranged for:
  • 04Thumb compression should be avoided in an area where a physician has removed a/an:
  • 05Pedicure implements must have proper sanitation before use for at least:
  • 06Following a pedicure service, basins, tables and footrests should be sanitized with:
  • 07The client with high blood pressure, heart condition or stroke should not have a massage without permission form a:
  • 08Trimming, shaping and polishing toenails as well as performing foot massage is called:

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