Nails technology
They have to be learned nothing, and forgotten nothing.
Chevalier De Panat

Nails test, Nails 900 Exams Manicurist Examination Videos


Choose the test by :  -  Questions :
  • 01The foot massage begins with:
  • 02To perform joint movement for toes, toes are moved so as to create a:
  • 03To avoid tickling client’s foot during massage, use a:
  • 04When water is spilled during pedicuring, wipe it up immediately to prevent:
  • 05Pedicure implements must have proper sanitation before use for at least:
  • 06In winter, feet can suffer from:
  • 07Between each service, your table should be arranged for:
  • 08Thumb compression should be avoided in an area where a physician has removed a/an:

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