Nails technology
We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

Nails test, Nails 900 Exams Manicurist Examination Videos

Manicurist Examination 9

Choose the test by :  -  Questions :
  • 01Objects that have been sanitized are kept clean by ultra violet rays or by:
  • 02To avoid ingrown toe nails, do not_ clip or file:
  • 03Courtesy is the key to:
  • 04The care of feet, legs, and toe nails is called:
  • 05Irregular nail ridges may be smoothed with:
  • 06It is best to apply !tail polish on:
  • 07Extravagant claims and unfulfilled promises are examples of:
  • 08For effective dlslnfeetlon, a quaternary ammonium compounds requires:

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