Nails technology
I am not ashamed to confess that I am ignorant of what I do not know.

Nails test, Nails 900 Exams Manicurist Examination Videos

Manicurist Examination 8

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  • 01Learning about other services offered at the salon, such as hair and skin care, and then telling your clients about them, is called salon:
  • 02When conditions are unfavorable for reproduction, bacteria will go dormant after forming a tough covering called a:
  • 03The technical name for callus is:
  • 04Bacilli and spirilla propel themselves with hairlike projections known as:
  • 05The nerve which supplies impulses to the top of the foot is the:
  • 06Unsanitary implements can cause these nail dlsea s:
  • 07Cuticle pushers are also known as metal pusher or:
  • 08Men generally need more work done on their cuticle and the most common nail shape for male clients is:

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