Nails technology
We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

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Manicurist Examination 7

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  • 01While nipping her client's cuticles, accidently cuts into skin, and it begins to bleed. Helen, nail technician what should she apply to the cut:
  • 02The nails turn black and ___when advanded nail mold.
  • 03The hairlike projections by which bacteria move are called
  • 04The moisture got trapped between unsanitized natural nail and artificial nail. It turned from yellow to black. Known as:
  • 05The transfer of infected fluids between technician and clients is accomplished through:
  • 06In most states, instruments sanitized with hospital-grade disinfectant should be immersed in germicidal solution for __ minutes:
  • 07An example of a vegetable parasite is:
  • 08Tammy is applying a form of nail art that uses very fragile leafing. This type of nail art is:

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