Nails technology
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Manicurist Examination 7

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  • 01Annie uses odorless acrylic nails. A difference between odorless and traditional acrylics is that odorless nails:
  • 02Persons liable for implementing and maintaining sanitary rules in a salon are:
  • 03Tammy is applying a form of nail art that uses very fragile leafing. This type of nail art is:
  • 04The deep fold of skin in which Rose's nail root is lodges is called the:
  • 05Bacteria and germs multiply rapidly on:
  • 06While cutting excessive cuticle around the nail, Annie accidentally cuts the clientos skin so that it bleed. What should Annie use to stop this bleeding?
  • 07The nevus on Vern's nail was probably caused by:
  • 08The maintenance of normal, internal stability in the organisms of Helen's body is known as:

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