Nails technology
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Manicurist Examination 7

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  • 01Jessica, a nail technician, has just completed a manicure and is cleaning up on her table area. Jessica discardes an of the following used items except the:
  • 02The nail plate, or body, extends from the nail root to the:
  • 03While nipping her client's cuticles, accidently cuts into skin, and it begins to bleed. Helen, nail technician what should she apply to the cut:
  • 04The maintenance of normal, internal stability in the organisms of Helen's body is known as:
  • 05Thomas is putting an antiseptic on his clientfis nails in preparation for artificial nails. An antiseptic:
  • 06Annie is preparing her clientiis natural nails for acrylics. Which of the following must Annie does to the natural nails before applying the acrylic?
  • 07Katherine hears, smells, tastes, touches, and sees well. Her five senses are under the control of her ____ nervous system.
  • 08Katherin's salon, and Patrick's salon all use the same disinfection method. The most common method  that salons use is __disinfection.

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