Nails technology
Better know nothing than half-know many things.
Nietzche-Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Nails test, Nails 900 Exams Manicurist Examination Videos

Manicurist Examination 6

Choose the test by :  -  Questions :
  • 01When removing artificial tips, first soak them in aceton to:
  • 02A second coat of product is often unnecessary for what artificial nail when applying:
  • 03Odorless acrylics are self-leveling, which means they require less:
  • 04Short nail and natural-looking is the best nail choice for a person who is a:
  • 05
    Which of the following is a chemical is easily flammable in a salon: 
  • 06Sodium hypochlorite is commonly known as:
  • 07Which ofthe following is not a protein food:
  • 08What can be used to remove nail polish that accidentally got on the client's skin:

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