Nails technology
We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

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Manicurist Examination 5

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  • 01To draw with an airbrush, you need to used a/an:
  • 02When you apply the artificial nail, hold the tip in place until dry for.
  • 03Three strengths of Quat solution are 10%, 12.5% & 15%. When germicidal solution using 10% strength, how much Quat solution do you use in comparison with 12.5%, and 15% in one gallon.
  • 04Eyes can be damaged by improperly shielded when you use:
  • 05When pedicure service, the customer's feet should be placed on a:
  • 06Clear cells are found in the skin layer called:  Stratum corneum
  • 07The practice of offering only selected clients reduced prices should be:
  • 08Acrylic nails must be removed by soaking fingertips in:

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