Nails technology
I am not ashamed to confess that I am ignorant of what I do not know.

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Manicurist Examination 2

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  • 01The product that must be used for disinfecting sharp instruments In a beauty salon is:
  • 02At the start of the manicure, the nipper, pusher, and orangewood stick should be:
  • 03Minor bleeding in manicuring is stopped best with:
  • 04A hangnail condition may be corrected by trimming the hangnail and softening the surrounding skin with:
  • 05A base coat is usually applied:
  • 06The nail walls are small folds of skin overlapping the sides of the nail:
  • 07The nail root is lodged in the nail mantle at the:
  • 08The visible portion of the nail, resting upon the nail bed is the:

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