Nails technology
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Acrylic Nails

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  • 01To smooth out imperfections when applying the final acrylic beads, the brush should:
  • 02Without new growth rebalancing acrylic maintenance, the area near the cuticle, in comparison to the rest of the nail, will be:
  • 03To form an acrylic ball, the sable brush is dipped into:
  • 04An ingredient with speeds up a process is called a:
  • 05The one-color acrylic process produces a nail that is usually worn:
  • 06The product which chemically dissolves nooks and crannies into the natural nail for better acrylic application is call:
  • 07Acrylic nails are dry when gentle tapping with brush handle produces a:
  • 08The product applied to the natural nail so the acrylic product will adhere is the:

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