Nails technology
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Acrylic Nails

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  • 01For the holidays, create packages with different product combinations and sizes priced from:
  • 02To smooth out imperfections when applying the final acrylic beads, the brush should:
  • 03Touching the primed area of the nail with a wet brush prior to acrylic application will cause the acrylic to:
  • 04When odorless nails are dry, the surface will feel:
  • 05Acrylic nails are made by combining two acrylic products, one liquid and one:
  • 06Molecules attached in long chains, usually forming something hard, are called:
  • 07Without new growth rebalancing acrylic maintenance, the area near the cuticle, in comparison to the rest of the nail, will be:
  • 08All acrylic nails need maintenance every:

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