Hair test 900
There is nothing makes a man suspect much, more than to know little.

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  • 01One of the following statements is not correct:
  • 02In giving a tint retouch, if the ends of hair are already darker than desired shade, blending should be done by:
  • 03When pressing shorts, fine hair, at what part of the head extra care must be taken:
  • 04A small amount of waving lotion will run toward the scalp and the body heat will process the scalp hair quickly. To avoid this problem apply the waving lotion:
  • 05When super curly hair has been relaxed and is very fragile, the operator needs to use the following implement for cutting:
  • 06Why is rinsing the hair for at least 3 minutes before applying neutralizer. Recommended, because it provides:
  • 07Negative pole in galvanic current produces alkalin e reaction and positive pole in galvanic current is best described as:
  • 08When you use thermal iron on client’s hair, you should know about record card prior chemical treatment.
    If use thermal on natural fine hair, how do you use?

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