Hair test 900
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  • 01When doing a virgin tint on a head of hair with damaged and porous ends, before applying the tint, you would:
  • 02Hair may be thinned with scissors, thinning shears or with:
  • 03You have a new client desiring a soft permanent waving on natural super curly hair of medium texture and density. To insure the best chances of success, what is the most important first step?
  • 04When giving a permanent wave, in order to control the size and tightness of the curl from scalp to hair end on extra long hair, you would:
  • 05For a hairstyle set with rollers, which one of following has the most important effect on the tightness of the curl is:
  • 06Tighter pin curls result from:
  • 07The removal of client’s lip color should start at:
  • 08Accelerators, activator, booster, speed up and which one of the following chemicals means the same thing:

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