Hair test 900
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  • 01When H2O2 is added with oil bleach, what reaction will happen for the hair?
  • 02When giving a permanent wave, in order to control the size and tightness of the curl from scalp to hair end on extra long hair, you would:
  • 03Hairdressing for pay may legally be performed by a licensed cosmetologist in a client’s home rather than in a salon:
  • 04When super curly hair has been relaxed and is very fragile, the operator needs to use the following implement for cutting:
  • 05An alergy test is made from 24 hours to 48 hours depends on product for hair tint at:
  • 06Before doing a facial massage, you should ask if your client has one of the following:
  • 07Wax depilatories should never be applied over moles, warts, or abrasions since they can result in:
  • 08Hair may be thinned with scissors, thinning shears or with:

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