Nails technology
To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.

Practice Nails Test 1

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  • 01What are Eponychium, Perionychium and Hyponychium?
  • 02What is the purpose of having ventilation system in a salon?
  • 03Why do you need 2 sets of implements when doing manicure?

  • 04What is dry cabinet sanitizer?
  • 05What are Cocci, Bacilli, and Spirilla?
  • 06How can AIDS be transmitted in a salon?
  • 07Why are bacteria dangerous to us?
  • 08What should you ask when you're having a consultation with your client?
  • 09What does it mean when the primer is cloudy?
  • 10If bleeding occurs during, manicure what should you do?
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